Value Added Services

We offer a broad range of value added services to complement our manufacturing capabilities. With over 100 approved ISO certified vendors, we have a great network of industry partners around the World.


We have an excellent supply chain specializing in barrel and rack coatings to protect and ensure product integrity in the field as well as improve visual aesthetics. Finding a credible and compliant plating source can be challenging. We have some of the best in the industry to supply Zinc, Zinc-Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Chrome, Cadmium, Tin, Copper, Black Oxide, Phosphating, Anodizing, Passivating, and Thread Sealants. Yes, we supply Tri-Valent Zinc Plating.


Our team is very experienced with both RoHS and REACH requirements. We can assist our customers with product compliance regarding base material and coating selections during new product development or with conversions of mature product.


Many of the components we supply require various forms of heat treatment to optimize end use application. We have the ability to improve strength and wear resistance by quenching and tempering or we have the ability to soften metals to relieve stress in the material by annealing. Our services include; Case Hardening, Thru Hardening, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering, and Normalizing.


Primary manufacturing tolerances can be held very tightly, but sometimes the form, fit, & function of a product requires grinding of the ID, OD, or End due to surface finish requirements or highly critical print dimensions. Our grinding sources have capabilities to grind only a few components or grind in mass production. We offer End Feed, Thru Feed, and Profile Grinding when applicable.


We buy a lot of material directly from the mill. So, we have great working relationships and access to the finest metallurgists in the steel, aluminum and brass industries. We also have the ability to utilize 3rd party testing for both destructive and non-destructive material testing. Our Lab is accredited as A2LA 10725 and NADCAP certified. So, whether it’s identifying the chemical composition, granular structure, tensile strength, yield strength or conducting failure analysis, we assist our customers with their metallurgical needs and ensure the integrity of their products before they are ever shipped.


We have a broad range of packaging options for our customers. End use application is critical when determining the most suitable packaging. We cover this during the APQP process. We offer bulk pack, tray or layer packaging where products are required to be protected such as threads, thin walls, or OD surface finishes. Products are shipped per ISPM-15 requirements when applicable and with ergonomic consideration.


Contract assembly and kitting is an additional service that we provide. We can deliver a finished product by Kitting, O-Ringing, Press Fits, Crimping, and Component Building which allows our customer’s to focus their valuable resources in other areas like R&D and sales growth.


Regardless of our manufacturing location, we can deliver JIT/Kanban products to our customers in a safe and timely fashion while complying with all import and export requirements. We utilize all modes of transportation including truck, rail and vessel. We can ship one box or a full 40’ Ocean container. Whether we are shipping forgings from Ningbo China to our facility in Ohio, fabricated metal to the Caribbean, or machined components from Ohio to Mexico our customers can be assured that we will protect and deliver their products cost effectively, and on-time. For the latest Harmonized Tariff Codes, visit


We work with our customers to reduce cost, eliminate waste, and improve efficiencies in their products and processes. Our goal is to improve our customer’s position in the marketplace. Line Reviews, Material Reductions, Material Conversions, Light-Weighting for 2025 CAFÉ standards, SKU Consolidations, or Cost Avoidance are a few of the VA/VE services that we provide.

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