We have a strong Global network of capital partners and resources including both institutional investors and high net worth individuals. Our partners include banks, private equity firms, small venture groups and individuals seeking manufacturing investment opportunities. We are disciplined and patient with great support.

The growth and success of our company is dependent on making sound decisions during the due diligence process. On average we may analyze 15-20 potential opportunities before identifying a good fit within our group. Sometimes the best deals are the ones we walk away from.
If you are an active investor seeking to diversify your portfolio or simply don’t trust the stock market, investing into our model may be a consideration. At CoreWorth, we take an active role in the management and growth of every investment to insure our partners receive a great return and are excited about the next opportunity.

There are 7 reasons why we believe “The timing is right” to invest into the industrial manufacturing sector…
Our assets are tangible, diversified, and controlled. We choose to invest into assets that we “own” and can personally manage. Therefore, our investments and investments of our partners are secure and stable while providing excellent returns. Every acquisition strengthens the model. Typical individual divestment is 5-7 years for our partners.

Why invest into manufacturing versus the stock market…
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